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What is Crystal Clear Energy?

Every cell in your body needs energy to perform critical functions. Other energy drinks are packed with artificial sweeteners and chemical fillers.

A.C.T. uses natural ingredients-with no artificial sweeteners or preservatives-to target specific metabolic pathways, creating optimal balance and performance at the cellular level. Find out more about A.C.T. Crystal Clear Energy »

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A.C.T. works in minutes and lasts for hours. What's the secret?

A.C.T. is a culmination of nine months of research and development in our laboratory. We went through 80 different production trials before finalizing the formula. The "secret" is the delicate balance of extraordinarily effective ingredients that work synergistically together on a cellular level, creating a mental and physical energizing effect.

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What is the difference between A.C.T. and the other Energy Drinks on the market?

First of all, our philosophy is different. Most energy drinks on the market today create a response by mega-dosing the system with high levels of unhealthy ingredients such as sugar and caffeine anhydrous. By attacking the central nervous system in such a manner, you will get a superficial, temporary surge of energy. Problem is, it only lasts for a little while with the unhealthy jolt-and-crash cycle being hard on the body.

A.C.T. works on a completely different level as it has been designed to target metabolic pathways to create optimal balance and performance at the cellular level. As a result, the effect of the product can be felt for hours at a time. The goal with A.C.T. was to create the "World's First Healthy Energy Drink" to work with the body and not "against" it to get a superior result. We have accomplished that.

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What is EGCG and why all the excitement about this ingredient?

EGCG (Epigallocatchin gallate) in Green Tea has been shown to help stimulate certain neurotransmitters that signal the body to increase energy expenditure. In addition, EGCG is one of nature's most powerful antioxidants as it has been shown to be 100 times more powerful at mopping up free radicals that cause cell damage than vitamin C and 25 times stronger than vitamin E. As such, EGCG is so popular that millions of dollars are being spent around the world to further research the benefits of this amazing antioxidant.

A.C.T. uses a Green Tea that is specifically standardized for EGCG content. This unique processing method makes the Green Tea 'de-caffeinated'. The benefits of Green Tea in A.C.T. are directly linked to the EGCG. We consider A.C.T. to truly be the "World's First Healthy Energy Drink".

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Can diabetics take ACT?

All diabetics should first consult their primary care physician before taking ACT, or any dietary supplement. A.C.T. contains 22 calories and 4 grams of sugar. All diabetics should review the contents of A.C.T. just like they review other foods they eat or supplements they take.

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Isn't Guarana a form of caffeine?

Guarana contains many healthful substances, including a natural stimulatory ingredient known as Guaranine. Guaranine is not caffeine anhydrous. In fact, it is molecularly similar to the Theobromine in chocolate. Chocolate is known as the 'feel good' candy and A.C.T. is known as the 'feel good' energy drink. We believe that Guaranine is a healthier alternative to caffeine anhydrous and is one of the many reasons why A.C.T. works.

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Can my children take ACT?

A.C.T. is designed as a natural energy drink. One packet (17 grams) is recommended for an average adult male. You may wish to reduce the amount consumed according to body weight and age. Youth 12 - 18 may take A.C.T. at a limited serving size based on age and weight.

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Can I mix A.C.T. with other beverages besides water?

Absolutely! The flexibility of the product is one of the appealing aspects.

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