My Story

In June 2005 my brother convinced me to try A.C.T.™. Soon, I began taking A.C.T.™ twice each day – once first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon before my workout. With A.C.T.™ my workouts are more productive and, with the added energy A.C.T. provides , I'm less likely to miss one.

When I began I weighed 218 pounds and had a 38 inch (plus) waist which, for someone 5 ft 6 in tall, is clearly unhealthy. One year later I weighed 170 pounds and had a 32 inch waist and felt great. Today, I continue to drink A.C.T.™ twice each day and continue to maintain my weight.

Each person experiences the drink differently since our body chemistries are unique. With A.C.T.™ I feel more alert, my appetite is under control and my workouts are measureably more effective. It simply gives me that "feel good" feeling.

I now make a point of telling others about A.C.T.™, the "feel good drink". It's an easy drink to promote because A.C.T. sells itself. When I'm not at work developing websites, you may see me out cross country skiing, cycling or kayaking. Stop me and ask me about A.C.T.™.

My name is John Byers and I love my A.C.T.™.

John Byers

Here are some "before and after" photos.

john before1 thumbjohn after1 thumbjohn after3 thumb


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