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"Energized: The DrinkACT Story"

iDrinkACT is an authorized dealer for DrinkACT/Youngevity. John Byers is the principal of iDrinkACT. Read John's story.

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DrinkACT is a web-based energy drink and health & wellness company founded in June 2005 Mark McKnight. Combining experience and a proven track record with direct marketing, Mark developed the DrinkACT concept to combine the power and technology of the Internet with an intense and proven word-of-mouth marketing strategy.

DrinkACT is a quickly-developing energy drink giant.

DrinkACT is well on its way to changing the landscape of how consumers not only choose what energy drinks they buy, but also how they buy them. DrinkACT is also re-defining customer loyalty by allowing those customers to become Dealers, and for the first time, participate in the $93 billion a year beverage industry.

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For more information on Youngevity, please visit the Youngevity website.

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